Applying for Free Membership in the International Geospatial Society

1. To qualify for free membership in the International Geospatial Society you must both be a citizen of and currently live in one of the countries classified as "low income" or "lower middle income" by the World Bank (see the countries under these categories listed at
2. Enter your personal professional profile into the GIKNet as instructed under Appendix 1 below including an upload of your photo. Information by new members is moderated so your web information will NOT appear on the web site until approved by a moderator.
3. Fill out the IGS membership application found at providing verification of your citizenship and residence and providing the link where your GIKNet profile may be found. You will be notified when your name appears on the membership list.

To retain free membership on an annual basis, you must revise and update the individual professional profile when requested (usually in December or January) and/or add other information under the My Submissions link.

Entering Your Personal Professional Profile in the Geographic Information Knowledge Network (GIKNet)
1. If you have already registered, use the Login link in the upper right corner at at or use the password reminder facility. If you are not registered, simply do so using the Register for an Account link.
2. Add Your Individual Profile: After you Login you will see new capabilities allowing you to enter information at the web site. Using the GI Community Registry link on the left, add information about yourself under Enter Profile for Individual. The questions are similar to those used by sites such as "Linked In" or "Google Profile" so you might simply cut and paste from other sites in which you already participate. After entering basic contact information, the questions asked include:
- What is your professional "headline" or "descriptive expertise title"? (10 words maximum)
- Summarize your professional experience and goals
- What specialties do you have?
- List titles of academic degrees followed by names of the academic institution, location, and year of graduation.
- Germane recent publications (up to five citations and their urls)
- Germane activities or societies
- Honors and any additional comments
Most responses are limited typically to 200 words.

Please upload your photo as well (required). Information by new members is moderated so your web information will not appear on the web site until approved by a moderator.
3. You have the ability to view, edit, and delete your individual profile at any time in the future through your My Submissions link in the upper right corner.